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At Orth Roofing Contractors we firmly believe in providing top quality roofing services. We have been serving Dallas for many years during which we have built a reputation for offering reliable and professional services to homes and businesses alike. Unlike many other roofing contractors Dallas, TX we are a full-service company providing an array of services from commercial roofing to hot mop, tile roof and shingles installation. Each service comes backed with a professional warranty you can trust will deliver the best value for your money.

Our Roofing Services

Residential Roofing Dallas, TX

Should you choose slate over tile or would you rather stick with shingles? Most homeowners may never consider the now large number of roofing options which don’t just make their homes stand out but also last longer, helping them save money. At Orth Roofing Contractors we are more than your run of the mill roofers in Dallas Texas, we are experts with years of experience which puts us in the best position to help you choose the right roofing materials. Once your choice is made, we get right to work ensuring that every aspect of your roof is redone professionally and with longevity in mind.

Commercial Roofing in Dallas, TX

We have been providing expert commercial roofing services in Dallas, Texas for a long time. Our services include re-roofing, roof repair,and new roof installation. Whether your commercial structure has suffered from storm damage or has started to leak our solutions ensure extended relief, not to mention the fact that we are competitively priced. We also provide businesses with annual roof maintenance services which helps to extend the life of their roofs considerably helping save money on expensive repairs in the long run.

New Roof Installation

When building a new home, shop or any other structure, it is important that the roof is installed properly. An expertly installed roof lasts 3x times longer and helps enhance the overall beauty of the structure. That is why in addition to installing a new roof we can also help contractors and business owners explore the best roofing material options based on what they want.

Roof Repair

Apart from storms, heavy rains, hail and snow, your roof can be damaged by age too. When the roof becomes too old, it will start springing a leak which could be part of a larger problem. However, fixing it in time will save you a great deal of stress, loss of time and money. Our roof repair service experts can visit you at any time to ensure that your roof is fixed in the shortest time possible and at a competitive price.


At times re-roofing the existing roof may be the only option. Other times re-roofing can help improve the service life of your structure and increase its value. However, re-roofing needs to be done right because there is a lot that can go wrong. At Orth Roofing we use only the best materials to ensure that your re-roofing looks great and is exceptionally durable. Not to mention the fact that we can help offer the best options based on your budget and needs.


Waterproofing your roof is essential especially if it has been a while since the last waterproofing job. High-quality waterproofing lasts a very long time and helps to extend the life of a roof. Ours is considered amongst the best waterproofing services in Dallas, Texas with our experts being just one call away.

Roof Maintenance

One of the keys to ensuring that your roof lasts a long time is annual maintenance. The maintenance we offer includes a thorough roof inspection and minor repairs. We can also provide you with a report and our recommendation if the roof needs to be re-roofed based on our assessment of its condition. That way you will not be caught off guard by missing shingles, leaks and numerous other issues.

Roof Coating

Our roof coating service helps to extend and enhance the service life of your roof. You get to choose from various types of coatings each with its own specific function. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss what kind of coating you require.

Hot Mop Roof

If you have a low or flat roof, a hot mop may be the solution to many of your problems. It combines a layer of asphalt and felt, layered on top of each other with the top most layer of gravel. They are sometimes referred to as a gravel roof owing to that top layer of gravel. That said if you’re experiencing leaks or noticing other issues this could be the solution to it.

Emergency Repair

Many times, your roof can spring a leak or you may experience other problems when you least expect it. Our emergency roof repair in Dallas is just one call away. Our team operates 24 hours a day and7 days a week, so feel free to call us at any time.

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  • review rating 5  This company just finished re-roofing my entire home and I am happy with the services I received. If you need a new roof, you should call them. They are affordable and have many different options available too.

    thumb Kaye Lafevers
  • review rating 5  I am happy with the new roof I received from ORTH Roofing Contractors. I chose to have a light blue shingle put on my home and it looks great. I am impressed and have already received compliments from all of the neighbors. Two thumbs up.

    thumb Ethel Hogston
  • review rating 5  I used this company for a shingle replacement on my roof and they did an incredible job. I already re-hired them to re-roof my mom's house too. Best company in all of Plano.

    thumb Setsuko Bettman