About Us

Orth Roofing Contractors has been serving the city of Dallas for close to a decade. We have a team of highly trained roofers with lots of experience and a certification capable of handling any roofing task. It goes without saying that our team has well over a hundred years of accumulated experience. Not to mention the fact that they work hundreds of hours each week. That is why our service is the choice of home and business owners across the city.

We strongly believe in providing our clients with a top-end service. What that means is that everything from our customer service to the materials we use is the very best. There is no doubt about the fact that we value our clients’ time which is why every possible effort is made to use as little of it as possible even when re-roofing, installing a new roof, or when providing emergency repairs, etc.

We Have A Passion for All Things Roofing

Orth Roofing Contractors was not started out of the need to make money but instead, it was passion. We always have in one way or the other been obsessed with building and construction. Though roofing had always been the one we looked forward to which lead to starting a roofing company.

As a family-owned business, each one of us loves the roofing industry. Sure there are challenges but we enjoy those as they come. In the past few decades, we have handled some of the most challenging roofing jobs which other roofers simply turned down. Now we have become known for doing what others can’t or refuse to do.

Well Known Residential Roofing Contractors

We have had homeowners as clients for as long as we can remember. Some of our first clients many years back were homeowners. So, in a way, it was homeowners who helped us build such a brilliant reputation. We cater to homeowners by not just providing a myriad of repair, installation and maintenance services but also advise. As professionals, we know that most homeowners don’t know much about the latest roofing technology or what their best options may be. That’s why we think it is our job to educate them so that they can make the best educated decision.

Expert Commercial Roofing Contractors

Orth Roofing Contractors is a full-service company. When we get called to a place of business you can be assured that we can handle everything from a thorough examination to providing recommendations and even re-roofing the entire area if necessary. That said we always take our clients onboard and work with them to determine the best way to move forward. After all, we don’t want to intrude upon a business’s activities or at least cause minimal disruption if that is possible.

A Team You Can Trust

Every person on our team works hard to make Orth Roofing in Dallas a success. We work hard to make sure that you are satisfied with our service. Though still require your feedback and suggestions. That’s why we look forward to hearing back from all our clients.

Orth Roofing Contractors is a leading roofing service provider in Dallas. We provide a myriad of roofing services. Contact us to learn more.

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  • review rating 5  This company just finished re-roofing my entire home and I am happy with the services I received. If you need a new roof, you should call them. They are affordable and have many different options available too.

    thumb Kaye Lafevers
  • review rating 5  I am happy with the new roof I received from ORTH Roofing Contractors. I chose to have a light blue shingle put on my home and it looks great. I am impressed and have already received compliments from all of the neighbors. Two thumbs up.

    thumb Ethel Hogston
  • review rating 5  I used this company for a shingle replacement on my roof and they did an incredible job. I already re-hired them to re-roof my mom's house too. Best company in all of Plano.

    thumb Setsuko Bettman