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Finding residential roofers in Dallas isn’t difficult, as a matter of fact, they are a dime a dozen. However, what we offer is a highly reputed service that banks itself of providing top quality service but without exuberant costs. Our residential roofing services include everything from a thorough inspection to routine professional maintenance.

When you call us to your home, we do more than install a new roof or repair the existing one. We go ahead and make sure that the roof you want is actually going to work best. For instance, if a homeowner calls us to install a new tile roof, we will first make sure that the structure is adequately reinforced to bear the weight. If not and the homeowner does not want to spend time and money doing that, we may recommend a built-up roof hot mop service. The same goes for if you call our emergency services.

Your home or business’s roof is its most critical part and it also happens to be pretty vulnerable to things like rain, snow, and heat. As the leading Dallas roofing company, one of the things we always do is to evaluate what type of roofing will work best for our client. We take things like their budget, what they want to achieve in terms of service life and whether or not they can maintain the roof. Once we know all of these variables it allows us to recommend the best possible roofing option.

Our roofers Dallas Texas provides services like re-roofing, roof repair, roof maintenance, new roof installation, waterproofing, roof coating, and hot mop roof. Each one of these services is available in addition to our top products like tile, flat and shingle roofing system installation and repairs. That said regardless of your roofing system you will find that there is nothing we can’t fix or install.

Commercial Roofing Contractors in Dallas, TX

Businesses know just how important their roof is to the company. That’s why businesses only want to hire the best roof repair in Dallas. However, companies shouldn’t wait till their roof starts leaking or breaking to call us. The best way to ensure that you avoid such instances is with regular professional maintenance. Our professional maintenance service carries out all the required inspections and maintenance procedures to ensure that the roof lasts long. So, the instance of having to call us for repairs is lowered. Not to mention that your business does not have to suffer from any extended down time.

As professional DFW roofers, you can trust us to deliver excellent quality services across the board. The advice we give you is always going to be best suited for your business. So, you never have to encounter the nightmare associated with having to call us when there is an emergency.

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Our expert Dallas roofing company is only one call away. We are a full-service company and regardless of what you need you can be assured that you’ll find it at Orth Roofing Contractors.

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  • review rating 5  This company just finished re-roofing my entire home and I am happy with the services I received. If you need a new roof, you should call them. They are affordable and have many different options available too.

    thumb Kaye Lafevers
  • review rating 5  I am happy with the new roof I received from ORTH Roofing Contractors. I chose to have a light blue shingle put on my home and it looks great. I am impressed and have already received compliments from all of the neighbors. Two thumbs up.

    thumb Ethel Hogston
  • review rating 5  I used this company for a shingle replacement on my roof and they did an incredible job. I already re-hired them to re-roof my mom's house too. Best company in all of Plano.

    thumb Setsuko Bettman