Re-roofing in Dallas, TX

Even the best roofs will start to develop rot, cracks, and start breaking at which point they need to be replaced. In Dallas, Texas roofs on average are replaced every twenty years. However, roofs that are maintained as per their required schedule will last longer. Sometimes a relatively new roof will need to be re-roofed if it has been damaged by a violent storm or something else. Plus, homes which have been left uninhabited for an extended period will also require re-roofing. When re-roofing is required it is always a good idea to hire a team of professionals. Professional re-roofing does cost slightly more than other less experienced services, but they end up ensuring that the roof is highly reliable and consequently lasts long.

Orth Roofing Contractors have been providing expert re-roofing services in Dallas for a very long time. We have earned a reputation for delivering a complete roofing solution regardless of it your roof requires a complete tear-off of the current materials or if a new one can be retrofitted, you can trust us to deliver. What’s more is the fact that you will always be quoted the best prices for top quality work.

Thorough Roof Inspection Dallas, TX

One of the reasons why people may think that their home or business requires re-roofing is because it appears that way. Often rot and extensive damage may make it seem that the roof needs to be replaced. However, you can never know for sure until it is inspected by professionals like us. After we have thoroughly inspected your roof, only then can we provide you with the best possible re-roofing options. We can also help you decide on which roofing materials may work best.

Our Re-Roofing Professionals Don’t Waste Time

Whether you are a business or homeowner when you hire us to re-roof your structure, we make sure to work as swiftly as possible. Our teams have fixed and re-roofed dozens of businesses across the city, and each one was handled with minimal disruption to the business’s activities. We can also tailor our working hours to suit yours.

Our on-site supervisors keep owners of the establishment in the loop throughout the course of the day. So, there is no ambiguity as to how long the process will take. This applies to the other roofing services we provide such as: roof repair, emergency repair, roof maintenance, new roof installation, waterproofing, roof coating and hot mop roof.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

While Dallas has many different roofing companies, very few have the audacity to offer a guarantee. At Orth Roofing we are so confident of our quality that offering a warranty is a way for us to ensure that you too are confident when hiring us. Not to mention the fact that we use only the highest quality materials which provides durability for your new roof.

Expert Roofers in Dallas, TX

Whether you want to re-roof your metal, tiled or shingle roof, it is a no brainer that our teams are up to the task. We will use our years of experience and access to the best materials as a means to ensure that you’ll be more than satisfied with the outcome. If you’re in the market for a re-roofing service call us today for a quote.

Do you want to hire a trustworthy and highly reputed re-roofing service? Call Orth Roofing Contractors today for the best prices and quality in the city.

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  • review rating 5  This company just finished re-roofing my entire home and I am happy with the services I received. If you need a new roof, you should call them. They are affordable and have many different options available too.

    thumb Kaye Lafevers
  • review rating 5  I am happy with the new roof I received from ORTH Roofing Contractors. I chose to have a light blue shingle put on my home and it looks great. I am impressed and have already received compliments from all of the neighbors. Two thumbs up.

    thumb Ethel Hogston
  • review rating 5  I used this company for a shingle replacement on my roof and they did an incredible job. I already re-hired them to re-roof my mom's house too. Best company in all of Plano.

    thumb Setsuko Bettman