Tile Roof Dallas, TX

Many people in Dallas have started to gravitate towards installing roof tiles. One reason for this in our personal experience is that they last a lot longer than most other types of materials. Plus, since there are so many different types and designs of tiles, it is easy to make your home stand out from all the rest. After all, the ability to customize a home or place of business ranks highest amongst many of our clients. The only drawback to tile roofs and why it isn’t for all home or business owners is that they are heavy. Being heavy means that your structure should be strong enough to bear the weight. That said the ability for roof tiles to last an average of a hundred years makes all the effort to bring the structure up to par worth it.

Even though today you have an array of metal roof tiles, ceramic tiles and stone tiles to choose from in the past they were made from fired clay and the more expensive ones were made from slate. Cheap and yet durable modern-day tiles used extensively across Texas are made from concrete. These tiles come in various shapes from flat to interlocking and curved. Perhaps the most important consideration when hiring an expert to install or repair roof tiles is if it is not done correctly by an expert it will lead to the tiles cracking.

Reasons to Install Tile Roofing in Dallas, TX?

When it comes to tiles, there are numerous advantages over other materials regardless of what material you choose. However, it is pretty obvious that some materials last longer than others because they are more durable. Below we look at a couple of reasons why you would want to consider tile roofing:

  • Durability: Tiles have been used for over a century and proven to be durable. All that’s required is to use a high-quality set of tiles which have provento be highly durable. While they may cost a bit more money, they do end up helping home,and business owners save money in the long-term owing to their longevity. Consider the fact that the average warranty on these is 50 years.
  • Not easily damaged: Insects, bugs, rodents,and rot cannot destroy roof tiles.
  • Impervious to leaking: Roof tiles don’t easily leak. Whether you install ceramic or concrete tiles, they don’t spring a leak all that easily. Plus, they don’t require frequent maintenance only that they may have to be replaced when cracked or broken. Even then there is no need to re-roof to replace a broken tile.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Roof tiles are for the most part ecologically They are made from mainly earth minerals, making them easily recyclable,and there are no chemicals included. So, using them will not endanger the environment.

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  • review rating 5  This company just finished re-roofing my entire home and I am happy with the services I received. If you need a new roof, you should call them. They are affordable and have many different options available too.

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  • review rating 5  I am happy with the new roof I received from ORTH Roofing Contractors. I chose to have a light blue shingle put on my home and it looks great. I am impressed and have already received compliments from all of the neighbors. Two thumbs up.

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  • review rating 5  I used this company for a shingle replacement on my roof and they did an incredible job. I already re-hired them to re-roof my mom's house too. Best company in all of Plano.

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